Team Retreat - Napier

Last week our team took a short trip to Napier to spend time together and "bond", and we worked so hard throughout the first semester. Napier is four hours north of Welly, on the East coast. Napier is interesting because in 1931 an earthquake leveled the city and it was completely rebuilt in art deco style. When we arrived, we headed into town and walked around to see the buildings.

(Sarah in town)

(the team by the water)

We rented a house which was right along the water. There was a great running path and park area across the street. The weather was beautiful! Napier is one of the sunniest places in New Zealand, so it was a nice break from the gray and wet Wellington winter.

(Ryan and Max played some frisbee)

(the beach!)

The next afternoon we all took a tour of a local winery, so pretty!

That evening we celebrated Max's 23rd birthday!

Enjoyed the sunset...

On the last morning we met our boss for brunch, who also happened to be in Napier. And after grabbing a cup of coffee, we hit the road!

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