My birthday - Zealandia

My birthday started by waking up to a delicious breakfast! Ryan made some French toast and then told me I had a few calls I was going to be taking. Little did I know he had set up several phone calls with friends and family from home. It was so fun!

Afterward, we went to a local attraction, Zealandia. It is a nature sanctuary nearby that is trying to bring back the original plants and animals in this region. They were having $1 days, which conveniently fell on my birthday.

Of course we saw a lot of wildlife. Beautiful birds and plants.

After soaking up the beauty, we walked home and made a delicious dinner. We celebrated my birthday the previous night with friends and teammates here in Wellington by getting dessert over at Strawberry Faire.

Thank you to everyone for a great Golden birthday!!

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  1. Hi Katie,

    I live in New Zealand too, your photos and blog is nice...