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There was a new, famous, highly sought after restaurant that opened up the coast. We decided to make the afternoon of it, and check it out.

A few of the Christmas trees are still in bloom, which is a treat, since most were finished blooming by the time we got back from Thailand.

We took the train up the coast.

All the way to Paraparaumu.

To have....Wendy's! Ha, this is a new thing in Wellington, and it's very exciting!

Chili, fries, burgers, chicken...and a frosty of course!

So delicious. And the sunset on the train ride home was beautiful.

Yes, I realize this is the second time I've posted about going to Wendy's in less than a year. We aren't even big fast-food people, but you've got to embrace the little things :) Another little piece of America right here in Wellington.

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