Valentine's Day

What girl doesn't love celebrating Valentine's Day with a tea party!? Sarah (far right) hosted an afternoon tea for some of the Student Life ladies, and it was so fun. I love tea and crumpets!

Ryan and I spent Valentine's Day this year at the Carter Observatory. We tried to find an activity that didn't include eating :)

We watched a fun video at the observatory about constellations with a little valentine twist. I also forgot that those IMAX-type theaters make me motion sick. Am I the only one? Anyway, I couldn't watch the 2nd half of the video! Kind of a bummer, but at least I didn't have to awkwardly feel my way out of the dark theater in the middle of the show.

But, after the video, and after letting my tummy get back to normal, we took in the rest of the museum. And found this huge telescope! Too bad it was a cloudy night and the roof was closed, but this is now on my to-do list if we have a clear night in the next few months :)

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