Queenstown - Staff Conference

Soon after returning from Thailand, we were headed off Queenstown! Our annual staff conference was held on the South Island, and this year, it included a Theology Class. We spent 5 hours a day listening to Ray walk us through the fundamentals of the Christian faith. And, we actually had to study and pass an exam at the end!

We had a break one afternoon and took a team trip to a nearby winery for desserts. The lavender was beautiful.

And the mountains aren't so bad either...

The sunsets over Queenstown were gorgeous every night. What an amazing place to be learning about our God!

And we played a lot of ping pong.

Unfortunately, it even rains in Queenstown...

The guys played rugby.
And on our last day in Queenstown we went up the gondola, and it was a beautiful day!

Ryan had been wanting to do some sort of adventure activity. Queenstown is known to be the 'adventure capital' of the pressure was on. He decided paragliding would be pretty cool:

And, one final shot of the lake.

We were definitely sad to leave. Everyone says how they love Queenstown, and I think I would have to agree!

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