Staff time in Martinborough

Our staff team is finally together! Thank you to those of you that have been praying for Max to finish raising his support. The Lord has provided for him to be here another year, and he arrived back to NZ in the middle of February. We have loved having him back, and now our 2012 staff team is finally all in one place...just in time to plan for the year!

For us, the Uni year starts many weeks before students actually step on campus. As soon as we arrived back from Staff Conference this year, Ryan and I began prepping for the year. We spend a few weeks laying out the vision for the year, as well as developing roles for each of our staff. Ryan is great at doing those types of things, and I like to do the making a calendar and schedules - basically anything involving Excel.

Anyway, I'm rambling now...but we finished prepping just in time for our official staff planning weeks. Woohoo! We lock our staff team into a small room for hours and hours a day and suck as much out of their brains as possible. I am very grateful for Max and Cherie making coffee!

At the end of the week, our team, which had now spent 5 days total together, took a little team bonding trip to Martinborough:

I didn't take many photos actually, but I thought this little chapel was cute - in the middle of a sheep pasture.

One afternoon we visited my favorite winery. (side note, I seriously don't know how we always end up visiting a winery on team trips. None of us drink that much wine otherwise, but I guess it is a nice relaxing activity...anyway)


You sit in the middle of an organic garden, and I saw artichokes! I don't know if I've ever seen them 'in bloom' before.

I am very excited for each member of our team this year! They are wonderful, and it will be fun to have 9 of us! I will have to tell you more about them soon, but we have been having a great time so far this year :)

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