the lighthouse

Sunday was a beautiful day. Despite the worry of tsunamis the morning before, we woke up to another clear day, with some sun! After church, the Moores invited us over for a delicious "supper", which was fantastic because A) we're out of food, B) we always really enjoy their company, and C) Sandy is an amazing cook!

Afterwards we headed out to Eastbourne for a hike we have been trying to do, but have had some cold and rainy weekends the past few weeks. But! To take advantage of the rare sun we were having, we decided to go for it.

We realized at about this point we had forgotten sunscreen...a no no in the south pacific...but we continued on!

Eastbourne is on the opposite side of the bay from Wellington, and the hike actually took us to the edge of the bay, where it meets the Cook Straight. Because it was a pretty clear day you could actually see the south island, but it wasn't cooperating in the photos. The coast in this area is fairly rocky, and really beautiful.

Then we started heading up...and there was a peek of the lighthouse in the distance.

And we made it to the top! I'm so glad the colors turned out so beautiful. It was really stunning with the blue water, yellow bushes, and tall tan grass. This is looking out from the lighthouse to the bay.

And the lighthouse! And Ryan :)

My man, taking on the world.

And us, looking across to parts of Welly.

Overall it was about a 10 mile hike, so we were a bit worn out by the end of the day. But, it felt so good to get outside and enjoy some of the last days of "summer". Everyone at home can start rubbing it in now that it's getting warmer at home, and colder here :)

boo winter.

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