A package! A package!

We received a package this week from America! How exciting! I seriously did a little happy dance as soon as I saw it on our porch :) And then proceeded to stare at it for the next hour waiting for Ryan to get home... It's so fun to receive things from home and feel that much more connected to everyone!
So...we tore it open, and check out the goodies!

Talk about love. Dan and Stephanie sent a lot of love in this package :) On top of all the snacks, they included a treasure from their trip to Guatemala. They recently went to Guatemala with Indy Metro Church (you can see our trip here, or read about their trip here), and brought us a little gift home from one of the girls, Beverly. It was so sweet, and reading it was so special. Thank you friends for all of your encouragement, we loved it, and have been savoring all of the treats!!!!

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