Some fun things.

We visited the local Wellington museum a few weekends ago, and Ryan posed for this great photo! We learned a ton about Wellington, you can quiz me if you like :) Seriously, are we nerds? We only hang out at museums and book stores...hmm...

And, the other night we were walking down on the waterfront, and...we found a circus! A little random, but I feel like whenever we are in town we always find something a little odd going on. So, we sat down and enjoyed the show!

There's a very popular pizza place called Hell pizza, and when you have leftovers, you can fold your pizza box into a coffin. A little creepy? Yes. And when you walk in, it says "welcome to Hell". Good pizza, but I had nightmares for weeks. Just kidding, but still a little creepy.

There is this amazing German bakery near campus where one of our students works. They have delicious soft pretzels, and I am a total sucker for soft pretzels. Anyway, delicious.

And lastly, can you see the guy singing and playing guitar across the street here? This is actually a very popular way to make some extra cash. You can apply for a street performer permit, and anyone can play or sing. We see quite a few students doing it, which is pretty cool. I've mentioned before that Wellington is very "artsy", so musicians sort of migrate here. Anyway, I see him around quite a bit, and he's very good. And for all of you wondering, no, I don't just hang out at Starbucks all day. This is a very rare occurrence and I was actually just waiting to meet someone :)

Well, that was just a quick update!

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