Otari-Wilton's Bush

In New Zealand, they use the word "bush" instead of "forest" or "woods" like we would use back home. So! This weekend we went and tramped through the bush! And! It was sunny! This particular park is considered a natural botanic garden, which I'm not completely sure what that means, but it was pretty. And full of ferns and little waterfalls.

And! The Fernery! This reminds me of another new word I've learned...cattery. Where you can send your cat, along with $50,000, when you die so someone will take care of them and they can live a life of luxury? Anyone else heard about these? No? Alright, moving on...

And, can you believe it! We found the sacred silver fern. Well, maybe not sacred, but it is a pretty iconic thing here in NZ, so pretty exciting that we found one in real life!

We also found some great old trees. Rumor is there is an 800 year old tree in the OWB that we are going to have to come back and find one of these days...

And lastly, one of the soothing waterfalls.

So, after these pictures, and the pictures I'll be posting tomorrow, how could you possibly resist coming to visit us?? Just one quick (or rather long) plane flight away ;)


  1. the picture with the silver bush! It's awesome. Miss you friend!