On the Journey

This is our first big campaign of the year! We try to plug as many first year students into Student Life as we can within the first few weeks, before their schedules are completely filled up. For the first week, VUWSA, or the student association hosts "Clubs Week", where every club on campus is invited to host a table to talk about their group. So, our new chalkboards made an appearance...

We are very clear that we are a Christian group on campus, Kiwis do not appreciate being "deceived" by "religious" groups...
Students filled out hundreds of surveys for us, telling us a little about their spiritual journey and whether or not they would be up for having a chat about beginning a journey with Jesus Christ. And in return, we gave out free jandals (flip-flops), which were a huge hit.
We are the ones wearing the yellow shirts :) We definitely stood out.
The idea of jandals go along with our "theme" of On the Journey a bit...put these on and start your journey! Clever eh?

Several of our students came out to help, here are Sarah and Joané were great sports.

We unfortunately were rained out two days, which was a bummer, so we still have quite a few jandals left over :) So now it's time to get creative!

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