Good Friday

In New Zealand, Good Friday is a public holiday. What a beautiful thing! To celebrate, our friends Rob and Lindsay invited us over along with Johnny and Helina to partake in the tradition of hot cross buns. These were the first hot cross buns that I have ever had (which is unheard of), so I figured it required some documentation:

And I can see why they are an Easter tradition down here, they're delicious. After some great tea, buns, and company we had to head off because we needed to eat this:

Yum! Our team mate Sarah cooked an Easter dinner for us including the Indiana favorite, chicken and noodles. She and Ryan had been dreaming of this day for a long time, and it finally happened. And the whole team was there to participate as well :)

Daniel is enjoying the feast!

And Leigh was eating so fast he's a bit blurry.

Anyway, it was a fantastic day with delicious food. I'm so grateful to get to spend Easter with great friends when we aren't able to be with family.

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