After our time in Melbourne I thought, "surely there's no way we will enjoy Sydney as much as we have enjoyed Melbourne"...  Well, I was wrong.  They are both fantastic cities!  Our first stop in Sydney (after ditching our bag at the hotel) was the opera house.

And she was just as stunning in person as I would have imagined.  You know growing up when you learn all about these famous places and it's almost surreal seeing them in real life.  I remember a game I had growing up where we learned about the Sydney Opera House (yes, I was a nerd), and I loved it.  And here I am seeing it in person.  Crazy!

That evening we took a (free) tour of the Rocks area, which is part of Old Sydney.  It's such a neat area!  It's where the first settlers landed and they've done a great job preserving the area and the history.  Many of the original buildings are still standing including shops, pubs, and hotels.  You can see our tour guide in the bright green shirt.

One of the oldest pubs in Sydney, where they also serve pizzas with unique meat (i.e. kangaroo, crocodile, etc...).  We plan to come back here sometime :)

More of old Sydney, and you can sort of see the Opera House peeking up in the background.

And our last stop was at the oldest pub in Sydney, where they still brew some of their own beers.  The Lord Nelson brewery if you are in the area.  Anyway, it was a fun atmosphere and we were able to catch up on our new favorite sport, footy!

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