Great Ocean Road

It was a beautiful day in Wellington today, but I fear it might be the end for a while :)  Winter is setting in, and it almost seems like ages ago that we were visiting the beach and the warm weather along the great ocean road. 

The highway started at Bells Beach, which apparently has been featured in several movies as one of the best surfing beaches in the world.  Actually companies like Quicksilver and Rip Curl were started here near Bells Beach.  Who knew!?

Early morning.  Mmm, coffee.

We actually just missed the big surfing competition by one day!

Another beach a little further down the road...

And, just to document that we actually were on the great ocean road:

Cape Otway Lighthouse:

And!  We saw koalas!  Just hanging out in eucalyptus trees.  They were just as cute in person as you would imagine.  Sleep, eat, sleep, eat...

Our next stop was Loch Ard Gorge, also known as 'shipwreck coast' for all of the ships that have wrecked in the area.  Hince the lighthouse we saw earlier.

We were able to walk down into the gorge:

And, our last stop, the famous 12 apostles.  Not sure why they chose that name, but here you go!

There used to be 12, but now there are only 9 I think.  They keep collapsing, as recently as last year!  Anyway, they were beautiful, and we timed it perfectly to be there right at sunset.

Happy anniversary to us!

And this is when we started the 4 hour drive home, woo!  Long day, but totally worth it.  So glad we were able to get out into the Australian 'outback', even just to catch a glimpse :)

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