Sunday in Sydney

The next morning we started our day by visiting Hillsong church out in one of Sydney's suburbs.  It was nice to be at church, and everyone was super friendly - and gave us free coffees!  And, an older man swore I was his grand daughter, apparently we look, talk, and act the same.  Anyway, it was quite the adventure with the public transport system to get them, but well worth it I think.

After we figured out the train to get back in town, we decided to walk through the CBD and get a better feel for the city.  I liked this little cafe, it reminded me of New York for some reason.

Lot's of shopping.  I love these old buildings that have been transformed into upscale shopping centers - not that we were doing any purchasing, but fun to browse...

I believe this is town hall, or some sort of significant building :)  Either way it was really stunning.

Check out this alleyway!  It was filled with a public art display - tons of bird cages!  They were neat, and a pleasant surprise in a random alley.

Just in case you wanted another view of the harbour :)  This time from the harbour bridge.

And the other side.  What a handsome man!

The bridge is really huge.  At first I kept thinking - what's all the fuss about?  It's just a bridge, isn't the opera house the main attraction in Sydney?  But, over the few days we were in town the bridge really grew on me.  It's really pretty actually, and I think I quite like it!  

A theme park right on the harbour, which we didn't really visit, but we thought the sign was sort of creepy and funny.

The sun set as we began our walk back across the bridge, so we were able to see the city skyline at night.  In case you wanted to see yet another view of the harbour :)

And the opera house all lit up.  What a beautiful city!

Once we reached the other side, we decided it was time for dinner.  So we stopped at the Old Australian Hotel and had kangaroo pizza!

And Ryan gave it his approval.  Kangaroos are cute and yummy!

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