Melbourne - market, tea and footy

I realize I've been pretty sporadic in my blogging lately.  You know those people that are really good writers and can just write and write and write.  Well, I am not one of them.  Ha, shocking, I know.  I haven't done a great job sharing about ministry here lately, but these types of posts are always a bit easier.  Not as much thought I suppose :)


Our last day in Melbourne.

Melbourne has these wonderful things - free cable cars!  You can get around town, easily, and for free.  Did I mention they're free?

On our last morning we went to Queen's Market, and found some chickens for sale.

And lots of fruits and veges.

We enjoyed a nice walk back through town after the market.  (The Melbourne bridge in the background)

And another bridge.

One of our last stops was the Hopetoun Tea Room.  It is almost 120 years old, and well, just delicious.

Whoops, I lied.  Ok, the last last thing we did in Melbourne was going to an AFL game.  This was one of the only things Ryan really wanted to do while we were in Australia.  The game, called footy, is definitely one of a kind.  We didn't completely know what was going on, but it was still entertaining to watch!  It combines rugby, soccer, football, and even a little volleyball move.  And it's played on a cricket field - which meant we got to see the Melbourne Cricket Stadium!

Which is huge - 85,000 people were at the game!  Oh, and apparently there is a dress code for men, so Ryan had to wear my jacket to have a collar.

And one last shot, Melbourne at night.

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