un cafe

It has always been a dream of mine to work at a coffee shop and learn how to make coffee. And, let's be honest, I just love coffee :) There is a cafe at our church, in true Wellington style, and I have been a part of the team. And I've learned to make coffee! Not from a coffee machine, but real espresso coffees. It is fun, and the other day I made myself a moccha, start to finish!

My mom mentioned on skype today that if I can't find a job when we move back, I am now qualified (maybe) to work at Starbucks. And to be honest, that makes me pretty happy. I've always loved the idea of working at a coffee shop. Although I'm sure my little coffee shop bubble would burst the first time I had to show up for a 4:30am shift.

Anyway, that's one thing to check off the life to-do list!


  1. remember how much money we spent at cafe royale when we were "studying" ;)