Well, as usual, I am already a week behind here!  But, here are some photos from the last 2 weeks...

We are trying to take advantage of our time here in Wellington, so on Saturday we drove a few hours to the east coast, to Castle Point.  It was beautiful, so glad we did!

It was Islam awareness week on campus, so we invited the president of the Muslim group to come and we (well, Ryan organized it) discussed some of the differences between Islam and Christianity.  So many students have the mindset that "all religions are the same", so we were trying to make the point that that isn't possible.  These two religions, for example, make very different claims.  It was really good, not a heated debate or anything, just a nice friendly discussion.  It's pretty amazing actually, there aren't many places in the world where you could have had this type of atmosphere and discussion.

Blazer Thursday.  So, I sort of started this little experiment this term because I love blazers.  And I love that others are joining!

There's a new ice cream place in town, and it's less than a 5 minutes walk away.  Yikes.

This week we went to see WOW - the World of Wearable Arts.  It was fantastic - a fashion show, ballet, singing, art extravaganza.  I really can't describe it fully, but I loved it.  It's sort of a Wellington thing, and it's been so popular that now it is expanding quite a bit internationally.  Anyway, the show is mainly to display costumes made from every day items, but they are beautiful. WOW

And lastly, our final staff meeting of the year.  It was a sad sad morning.

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