My Day - Thursday

On Thursdays, our staff team starts the day with team prayer at St John's Church.  It's a great time for us to meet together, share prayer requests from our individual ministries and personal lives. 

Then I get to meet with Amy!  She is awesome.  Amy studies geology and loves science and rocks.  So, sometimes we talk about that, but mostly we talk about what life beyond uni will look like (she graduates in November) and what it means to be a geologist and walk with Christ.  We also go sharing every week on campus, which is fun.

 I have a few hours in the middle of the day that are filled with various things.  I usually meet up with Lauree, another staff woman, and we go sharing.  The past few weeks I have been meeting with students to plan the end of the year party.

And then I get to hang out with Sarah!  She is also graduating, so we've been going through some grad transition to the workplace magazine.  It's fun, and we have some great conversations.  I have been discipling Sarah for 2 years now, and she is such a blessing to me.  We also get to go sharing on campus during our time.  Sarah is hoping to go overseas next year and work with different children's' ministries.

At the end of the day on Thursdays, we have a women staff "meeting" or discussion.  It's a great time to connect and chat about our individual ministries and the women we work their Bible studies are going that they lead, etc...  And then pray for one another.  And before you know it, it's 5:30 and time to go home!

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