Top 5 cafes

In honor of this being our last week on campus in Wellington, I thought I would do a week of themed posts!  5 days of 5 things.  I thought this might help me as I begin to process the past two years and be able to look forward.  So here we I will share, my top 5 favorite cafes in Wellington.  That's an easy one :)

1.  Butler's Cafe: Free chocolate with every coffee.  And very close to our flat!

 2.  VicBooks - People's Coffee:  Best coffee on campus by far.  I don't know what they do, but it is amazing.  And everything is organic and fair trade!  Unfortunately I don't have any photos, which is a bummer.

3.  Chocolate Cafe in Days Bay: You can't beat the atmosphere or the view.  Right across the harbor from Wellington, only 20 minutes drive.  But you feel like you're on vacation, it's my little escape from the city.

4.  Karawaka: On a beautiful day, this is where I want to be.  It's right on the waterfront and they have great fries.  You can pick a seat on the grass and watch the people go by and the rowers practice in the harbor.

5.  Matterhorn:  They always have a fire lit and it's nice and warm and cozy.  In the winter I can't wait to go here.  It's one of the first cafes I ever went to in Wellington, so maybe I'm a little sentimental :)

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