My life this week in a few snapshots from Instagram!

The BEST sushi in Wellington - Midland sushi.  A nice treat on a rough day :)

Sarah O and I went to the NZ Symphony Orchestra.  For free!

I met with Emma for the last time, which was really sad.  But we went out for breakfast and I had the most delicious mushrooms on toast, which was happy.

Our National Director was in town on Wednesday and he treated us to drinks after work on Wednesday.  I love quirky places like this in Wellington.

Ryan and I disciple David and Amy, who are dating.  So on Thursday we had a double date discipleship appointment to talk about relationships, which was fun!  Even though David looks drugged out.

Wild calla lillies growing in our backyard.

Thursday was a beautiful day, so we picked up fish and chips and headed to Island Bay to watch the sunset. 

We are realizing more and more how much we are going to miss Wellington, so we are trying to be intentional with our remaining time here.  So, this past Saturday we planned a little fun day around town.  Starting with coffees and free chocolate at Butlers.

Followed by shopping in the rain on Cuba Street...  I love this large umbrella.

And we used a coupon on delicious seafood chowder.  Yum.

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