Monday Monday.

First thing Monday morning is our team staff meeting!  This is really our only time together as a full team to plan, talk about how things are going, and brainstorm ideas.  We spend several hours together and talk through all outreaches coming up, strategies for our student leaders, and have a lot of laughs.  I will really miss this team.  Oh, and we're cool and meet in a library.

After staff meeting, I meet with Sarah for my staff 'training' time.  We are reading a book together right now, which is about marriage.  Which is sort of funny because Sarah isn't married - but it is such a good book!  John Piper's This Momentary Marriage.

After we meet, we lead the CSL, or commited student leader, action group together.  This is such an amazing group of women, and is definitely my favorite time of the week.  We do an inductive study of a book each term, and right now we are finishing up Philippians.  They put in a lot of effort through the week to study the text, so we have great conversations every week.  Such a sweet time.

And last but not least, I meet with Cherie on Mondays for discipleship.  This is Cherie's first year on staff and first year out of Uni.  She is a blast to meet with, and it's fun having such an outgoing person on our staff team.  We usually get to talking and before you know it, it's dinner time.  

Mondays are usually long, but one of my favorites :)

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