Some photos from this week!

This was our last week on campus, so I tried to spend some really good quality time with each of the girls I disciple and lead in Bible study.  Amy and I met up and grabbed fun coffee drinks!  This is such a great time to encourage one another and challenge the girls in areas I think they have potential to grow.  And since this is our last time to 'officially' meet, I shared some last words of wisdom.

Later on Monday we had our last CSL action group in Scorching Bay.

Where Emma attempted to part the Tasman Sea...

The girls gave Sarah and I such beautiful flowers!

We had a few sunny days this week, it's starting to feel like spring!

I love these boat houses by the waterfront.

We had our staff retreat at the end of this week, which was kicked off with buy one get one free breakfasts at one of our favorite cafes.

Roadtrip to Foxton Beach...

Foxton Beach.  We spent a few days this week evaluating our year as a team and leaving behind thoughts for next year since 7/9th of our team will be leaving at the end of this year.  Plus, it was awesome getting to spend time together one last time!

Ha, we were lucky to have a trampoline at our place!

Ha, and this photo from a cafe in town.  A perfect light bulb moment.

And that was my week!

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