bring on the rain...

This weekend our bible study decided to do a little camping and canoeing. Ryan and his friends have tagged along with the Hurd family on this annual trip for a while now down to Brookville. We ate hot dogs and sat around the camp fire Friday night. It was a pretty chilly weekend for being August, but it was still a great time. Saturday, we got up to go canoeing, and while it was still chilly, the trip started out well. Charissa and I were in a canoe, and we were doing fairly well for the first half of the trip... But then we had a little wreck. We came over some rapids and headed straight for a tree. While trying to get out of the tree, we tipped over and lost our boat. We both got scraped up a bit in the deep water trying to rescue our boat. Boys on the bank nearby were yelling at us to leave the boat and let it go so we could get out of there without hurting ourselves. We swam away and I'm pretty sure someone gathered our oars and everything that fell out. Come to find out there was a huge audience sitting on the bank just watching people flip in that spot. Awesome. So everyone on the river saw our little mishap and cheered us on as we came out of the water. You would think this was the highlight, but there is more. A little after this, it began to rain a little bit, and then it poured. It was actually fun to be out of the river, already soaked, and just paddling in the rain. We made it back, dried off, and decided to go out for dinner instead of making a fire :) Hurd camping/canoeing trip ' to remember.

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