Crazy Love

I feel like I am not giving you the full picture of my life right now if I don't share this book with you. For the past few weeks, our bible study has been reading this book by Francis Chan. I went into it pretty skeptical that this was just another book about how much God loves us and we should love Him back (both good things, but please not another book...). By the time we reached the third or fourth chapter I was really starting to question different areas of my life and how "lukewarm", as Chan puts it, I had become in my faith. He walks through some of the characteristics of a lukewarm believer and before I knew it I was feeling desperately could I have gotten to this place?

Chan goes on through the rest of the book to really challenge believers to ask the question, what would your life really look like if you were willing to love God and others with ALL you have. He goes as far as to ask, are you willing to give everything away in order to help or just improve the life of another. Between the book and listening to a few of Fancis Chan's sermons, Ryan and I have really started asking some tough questions, and even questioning why we think the way we think, live the way we live, spend the way we spend, etc...

I know I am definitely not doing the book justice here, but you should read it. It's a pretty simple read (ha...) but carries a lot of weight. And please! I would love to talk to you about it...I have plenty of thoughts about what he has to say, and I would like to hear yours as well.


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