Weekend in Lexington

This weekend Ryan and I traveled down to Lexington for his cousin, Jaime's, wedding. The wedding and reception were a ton of fun, and it was good to spend time with his cousins.

some karaoke at the reception

The next day, we went to one of the local bourbon distilleries for a tour. Lexington is right in the middle of the Kentucky Bourbon trail, which includes about 8 distilleries. We only went to one, the one that was open on Sundays, and was the closest. I enjoyed the tour a lot and learned a little about the process of making bourbon. The grounds were really pretty, and all of the buildings were very old, it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. After the tour, we were given a taste of the bourbon, which is the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby btw, and it was very good! My grandfather used to run a distillery, so I think the interest for this kind of stuff is in my genes :)
the distillery

a lot of barrels, full of bourbon

taste test

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