State Fair and Jon McL

The good old state fair. Until I moved to Indianapolis I had never been to a state fair, and boy was I missing out! Thursday was a free Jon McLaughlin concert at the fair, so of course we had to go. Great concert, he played a lot of new, jazzy stuff which was fun. Also, the concert was in the grandstand, but we noticed that they were also seats down on the track closer to the stage. So, of course, we went and tried to figure out how you could get those seats. Some guy walked up to us and asked is we wanted stage-side seating and gave us bracelets! Pretty easy!

The stage

The group

I had so much fun that I actually went back the next night... Kara and Tiek came down and we headed over. After trying some delicious food, kettle corn, corn dog, ice cream, grilled cheese, etc... (I love corn dogs) we walked around the huge grounds. The best part, to celebrate the hot air balloon race the next morning, they had all of the balloons out and blown up so everyone could see them. It was very cool, and they were beautiful at night.

My foot long corn dog


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