Chocolate Cafe

Last night our bible study flyered around the city for an event we have coming up. We are hosting XXXChurch, for a men's event discussing porn. They will be talking about sexual addictions and how destructive they are to our churches, families and society. We were mainly trying to post info in coffee shops and things like that, but it is difficult when the topic isn't very "family friendly". Some people were all about it and thought it was a great event idea, and others not so much.

After flyering, we met up at the (SBCC) Chocolate Cafe down on the circle for some ice cream. I think the cafe is really cute and you can sit outside with your ice cream or even go sit on the monument stairs. They also have tons of chocolate candy! The prices aren't super cheap, it is on the circle, but it's a fun once-in-a-while little treat :)

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